About Us

We are a UK based team of researchers with experience and passion for eco labels and sustainability claims. Our fields of expertise are in FMCGs and the fashion and textile industry. Our 15 years of experience in sustainability claims research and our passion for effective and non-misleading on pack communication is our competitive edge. We keep up-to-date with local and international labelling guidelines and trends to provide you with the best on pack communication solutions for your brands.

Dr Panayiota J Alevizou is the lead researcher of the Eco Label Research project. She is passionate about on-pack sustainability communications, which has been the focus of her research interests for many years. Panayiota is currently a lecturer in marketing at the Management School, University of Sheffield. She joined the school as a lecturer in 2011 after working as a business consultant for most of her career. She has focused on sustainability marketing and specifically on environmental management systems and sustainability labelling and communications for more than 15 years and has shaped the labelling practices of a number of companies in Europe. She has presented her work at many national and international conferences.
Dr Claudia E Henninger is a lecturer in fashion marketing management at the University of Manchester. Her academic background is within Business & Management studies with a focus on environmental policies and sustainability marketing. Her area of expertise has shifted to focus strongly on the fashion industry and micro-organisations. Claudia has worked on various research projects in the area of labelling and environmental management systems. Her work has been presented at both national and international conferences and she has published in the area of marketing and management.
Dr Caroline Oates is a Reader in marketing at the Management School, University of Sheffield. She joined the School in 1996, and since then has established her position as a researcher in ethical and sustainable marketing, focusing mainly on qualitative methods. Caroline developed the Centre for Critical Research in Marketing and Society (CReiMS), based in the Management School, to promote research in marketing which has a social and responsible focus.  Caroline has presented at many national and international conferences and has published widely in the area of marketing.