Further Introductions!

In this blog entry we introduce Dr Panayiota J Alevizou, who is the inspiration and lead researcher of the Eco Label Research project. Panayiota holds an MBA and a PhD and is a lecturer at the University of Sheffield. Her main research interests are: eco labelling, sustainable branding and environmental management systems. In her 15 years of research experience she has shaped the labelling practices of a number of companies in Europe. She is currently working closely with companies and industry associations in Greece and in the UK, for more effective on-pack sustainability claims. Panayiota discusses her work in this video as part of the University of Sheffield project: What Does Sustainability Mean to You.

Welcome to Ecolabel Research

Welcome to Eco Labelling Research! We are a team of dedicated researchers and passionate about aspects of sustainability, labelling and communications. This blog provides you with information about the research team, their current involvement in projects and research passions, as well as up-to-date commentaries on current events in the world of eco labelling.

This first blog entry introduces Dr Claudia E Henninger, who has recently completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield and is currently a lecturer at the University of Manchester. Her research focuses on corporate identity or what organisations stand for. Claudia’s context of her study is in the fashion industry and micro-organisations, those that employer fewer than 10 employees.

As part of a university wide project at the University of Sheffield, Claudia was asked what sustainability means to her. The results can be viewed in this video or downloaded via iTunesU.