Our services are designed and tailored to the needs of each business to equip them with the most effective, substantiated and non-misleading on-pack communication.

At Eco Label Research we focus on your on-pack sustainability labels. Our approach is unique as we base our consultancy on research with key stakeholders, such as consumers and certification bodies.

We provide research based consultancy on packaging sustainability communications including the following key elements:

  • Eco labels;
  • Company generated claims;
  • Certifications;
  • Rankings & ratings;
  • Environmental & ethical declarations;
  • Social responsibility claims;
  • Cause related claims;
  • Eco friendly trademarks; and
  • Environmental & ethical codes of conduct.

Why do you need eco labels and sustainability claims?

Eco labels and sustainability claims are widely used communication tools that guide your customers in their purchase decisions. Eco labels and sustainability claims provide value to your products and brands, when they are truthful, substantiated, and non-misleading. This means that they need to be aligned with your company’s values, national and/or international guidelines, and communicate your green product credentials. In other words, they tell your company’s story and help your consumers to make an informed choice.

What eco label or sustainability claim is right for you?

Your eco label or sustainability claim needs to align with your marketing communications. Our experience has shown that misleading claims can damage your company image. This can result in negative consumer responses. We therefore, provide you with tailored suggestions by reviewing your current labelling on-pack practices, industry guidelines, and consumer responses. Our research is based on consumer lead focus groups, interviews, surveys, secondary data, and consultation with industry experts.

What research can we do for you?

We organise and conduct focus groups, interviews, and surveys as we believe them to be powerful methods that help companies understand their customers. Participants are carefully selected and undergo a screening process prior to taking part in the in-depth study.

Additionally, we work closely together with certification bodies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, pressure groups, as well as advisors in China, Hong Kong, Germany, and Greece.